Within our portal you can find models willing to pose for photo shoots from topless to the nude. Some of the models included also offer services Erotic and bondage, so we apologize if the images of these sections for some visitors may be unpleasant and immoral but unfortunately after a long market survey we have concluded that these services are in great demand.

The site has sections a payment but to view these sections you can also register a model. This system saves you from pay the deposit for online casting and help us in the portal to grow. So if you have contacts of models willing to pose for nude photo shoots and you want to include them, you can do it without problems and put your contacts as a reference. OBVIOUSLY DON'T FORGET TO NOTIFY THE MODELS!!

In the portal you will find some photos without copyright so we kindly ask you to communicate what the your images so that we can enter yours nominative o recognition mark. We do not intend to use your photos without warning you but unfortunately the models they don't always warn i photography and they often send us their free pictures copyright.

The site offers some services to payment only and exclusively for photographers who decide to register e request o contact directly the registered models, therefore the girls by subscribing authorize us to be able to offer these services and if they no longer want to collaborate they can do so by unsubscribing via PEC (
We also want to clarify that models without a valid reason will not be deleted. The motivations of the type “I have not received any job offers from the site” that will not be a valid reason, that instead “I don't do these kinds of photos anymore” it can be accepted but only if it is true, so from now on, before deleting a model, we will check the various model sites and if we no longer find availability for these genres, we will proceed with the modification, otherwise everything will remain unchanged.

We remind all models that the portal Models Nude was created to divide the models fashion from those of naked, so I remind you that some of you are available for both fashion and nude photos, I also remind you that several months ago you sent photos to one of our e-mails, your personal site with pictures and contacts, you will almost certainly be included in our database.

While awaiting your reply, we thank you and wish you a good navigation..

Within our portal he is registered, paying the service direct contact photographer model, one of the Play Boy Italia photographers and therefore the models who are interested in collaborating with him should register and enter at least 5 artistic nude photos.

Important for photographers subscribed to the direct contact service: OFFENSIVE AND UNPLEASANT MESSAGES WILL BE FILTERED BY OUR PROGRAM AND THEN CANCELLED.

By entering the site, you implicitly declare that you do not find nude images offensive, to have completed the 18th year of age and therefore to be of age.
By entering it, they are released from all responsibility: i providers, the managers and creators of this site, for any potential damage deriving from or resulting from its viewing.